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Our Story

For over 15 years, I have suffered from eczema. While in high school, it would come and go. My classmates would notice the extremely dry skin and make not so friendly remarks. Doctors would only prescribe cortisone creams at the time but the flare ups continued. They didn’t give a cause or diagnose my condition so I initially thought it was the hair products so I would always cut my hair to prevent anything from touching my neck.

For many years, I began to learn my skin and learned what products irritated my skin until the Spring of 2020. The eczema spread all over my body so I began to see a dermatologist. The doctor treated my skin with prescription creams, biopsies, and steroid injections none of which stopped my flare ups. My skin became so bad that I was unable to sleep or even function normally. I was constantly itching. I began to get sores from head to toe and felt like the dermatologist wasn’t any help because she only recommended I use Vaseline. I left the doctor’s office in tears that day and never returned.

After the failure of dermatologist treatments, I began to see an allergist. I underwent several allergy tests and was diagnosed with contact dermatitis and severe eczema. The allergist recommended I take an antihistamine daily for the rest of my life and use several prescription creams that he prescribed. After researching the long term effects of steroid creams, I decided to find a natural remedy for my skin. This is when Eniye Organics was born.

I began to research natural, holistic medicine and began to formulate my own skin cream. After many trials of different formulas, I finally created the MAGIC formula. I went from taking multiple daily allergy pills and prescription creams to only using my MAGIC formula and flare up free for over 9 months. I no longer itch or have dark, scabby skin. I knew that if I could heal my skin that I couldn’t keep it a secret. I had to introduce my product to the world. I hope that my product will help you begin to get back to the normal you! Free of the torture of dry, itchy skin.